Monday, May 17, 2010

City Plan


TSL (Terraced Structured Land) is a structured land system that utilizes an Open Space Frame Design to manufacture property or land. Its ability to utilize 70% less land benefits the objective of reducing inefficient land usages by humans; and affords us ecological contribution via land conversion and returning land back to nature.

Integration with modular systems such as solar paneling also works to benefit green objectives.


The proprietary joint unit of the construct and the methodology of the structured land construction makes the TSL marketable to disaster relief via the utilization of smaller construction members that are easily transportable and transportable without modern day road systems; it is also available to use less-well trained manpower in many aspects of its development.

The Marketing of TSL in renovation and new speculative Real Estate relies on the TSL’s ability to create space suitable to occupancy quality and to establish demand by its green equities along-with its convenience and structural values; The non lot-by-lot linkages of solar paneling for example realizes a universal contribution of gathering energy. Other modular systems that tie-into the structure (Integration) gives each parcel or lot said added green value (rainwater harvesting is an example). Since the consumer will be purchasing a structured land or lot (there already exists structural value); how he/she develops what is to be built on the structured land reduces structural engineering needs and utilizes the structural contribution of the purchased structured land.


The first level above ground is roughly 33 feet high and thus a 5 tiered structure is massive in size. These structured land characteristics can house many occupancies efficiently i.e. Agriculture and its industry (Cannery, Affordable Housing Districts, etc) and innovatively assemble the construction units of said development; once the structured land is built, the insertions of structures are done engaged in the structure itself.

The ability to connect new structured land is also an added component of the TSL; in other words, you can add more structured lands later without disruption to existing everyday on-goings.

Said Integration know-how and software (things built on the structured land) assembly are exciting elements of the TSL and are with proprietary data; it is this working that separates us from normal speculative Real Estate projects.

Forecasting the cost to engage in speculative Real Estate ventures and to financially develop risk management along-with accounting forecasts may be works we produce with the joining of a Venture Capitalist. In laymen’s terms, to build a 5 tier 5 bay TSL, the cost may be around $ millions of dollars with limited Integration; to note, a 5 tier construct is over 150 feet tall and in this case (5 bays) over 640 feet long and 590 feet wide. In short, the total area-wise (footprint) of the example is about 6 football fields and all the structured land therein makes up to roughly 20 football fields.


This unique concept is not new, though it has never been built. The research and studies of structured land began in Japan funded by the Government about 40 years ago (Stratiform Structural Module); though its Joint technology and assembly methods differ, such school of study exists even today (where we are in membership). Tangentially, the research of Urban development using the air rights above railways, and roads and others was a project.

Feasibility in construction management and on through speculative real estate protocols can include associates along-with our joining with venture capitalists; currently, the strength in our Business Plan is in the technology of the Joint. Construction and Permit Attainment efforts are without tangible real life cost risks; nor do we have any cost exposure in Speculative Real Estate Sales staff.


Inefficient use of land by humans may be a major contributor to today’s ecological concerns and may even be a root problem; the ability to attack this problem while developing a greater gain in land by integration sees real equities to the landowner all the while benefiting green objectives.

Monday, May 10, 2010



The current human land use may, by calculation, be too much which contributes, as asserted, to many aspects of the Global Ecological Crisis. A response which works to help direction-change is the TSL (Terra Structured Land). A terraced Open Space Frame land platform development, the TSL makes reality 30% land use of the current land usage which thus saves us 70% of the currently used land. It is not a building... and it provides qualities much like natural land, i.e. it supports all things that are on it, owns a characteristic of openness, and allows for the natural elements like sunlight and breeze to be therewith. This TSL structure also creates architectural contributions to space... giving it an advantage to existing practices, artery units into Merchant Row Space is an example. We spend how many millions of dollars to construct city blocks that realize a lack of growth and economic development. This posited question is even more significant in under developed nations. Innovative planning that gives better infrastructure aspectually also provides afforded integration with Modular Systems (Solar Panels, Wind Powered Generators, Alternative Energy Sources, Recycling Wastes, Grey Water Systems, Waist Removal, & Lighting). Moreover it accommodates Farms, Hillside value Residences with yards (additionally, it accommodates Light Industrial manufacturing, Commercial, Institutional, Educational, Medical, Entertainment and Recreation Use (i.e. Jazz Clubs - Stadiums), and Eclectic Facilities). This new know-how gives the developer the ability to build with any Nation 's construction practices and is built with readily available materials that are conveniently transportable. The framing members are also assembled without difficulty. Its equity also includes value in utilizing less well-trained manpower in many areas of its development and additionally, contributes to job increase potentials in the fields of Deconstruction, Land Conversion, TSL Maintenance, Converted Land Care, and tangentially, in innovative Vertical Mass Transit Systems, Private Vertical Vehicles, and Sunlight Guidance Systems. Furthermore, innovation in Space Framing Panels for new spaces also adds to potential job increases. For more information, and we have a booklet we can give you, please contact us. Also, please visit us at I thank you for your time.

Hirotomo Nii

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Remodeling, SF Bay Area

Please contact us at your convenience and ask for Paul to schedule an appointment so that we may learn more about your project and its overall goals. Our first meeting is free of charge and we look forward to working with you.

Are you considering a residential remodeling project? Here, we work with the Owner to arrive at a floor plan and elevations of the Owner’s choice. Also, We provide a General Contractor’s ballpark estimate upon completing your floor plan and elevations.

The architectural fees are based in set-fee structures. To have the opportunity to review a Contractor’s ballpark estimate prior to completing permit documents can be useful in reviewing the progress of the project direction; whether you want to reduce the project or expand the project are examples.

Koichi Paul Nii, Architect has been in his own practice since 1986 and Nii Architects, Inc. has focused on Residential Remodeling as a cornerstone of its business. Hiring an Architect is just one cost of the total project cost. It may be the case, for example, that a higher-end architectural cost may contribute to lowering the total project cost amount by way of smart-design and architectural know-how. To note, about 90% of the total project cost can be in construction and finishing your house.

I thank you for your time.


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TSL Ecology

A root problem we assert in today’s ecological crisis is, in part, due to the inefficient use of land by humans. A study, which began in Japan over 30 years ago considered Open Space Frames to develop structured land; today, the TSL (Terraced Structured Land) reduces human land occupancy by as much as 70% and affords new harmony with nature while meeting the growth of Urbanization whether it be disaster relief, or renovation. Its Integration know-how provides installation of Modular Systems, Wind Powered Generators, and Solar Panels to name a few; and its technology realizes not a lot-by-lot linkage but a universal connection. The TSL can be viewed on our website It houses occupancy in Light Industrial, Residential (hillside views), and Agriculture and Agricultural Infrastructure. Its development can also make available Merchant Rows, etc.

The proprietary joint technology makes significant engineering advancements all the while the TSL’s assembly utilizes smaller members and logistically is transportable without Modern Day roads (in cases of disaster response). New efforts in returning balance to nature can be afforded by way of the TSL Urban Plan as we lessen the human occupancy areas; such availabilities can contribute to Environmental Sustainability among other goals. Attacking the root problems which results in Green concerns and Global Warming, etc. can significantly contribute toward viable and harmonious living within our planet; we feel that humans inefficient use of land is a root problem we can meet and resolve.

Thank you.

Hirotomo Nii