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The current human land use may, by calculation, be too much which contributes, as asserted, to many aspects of the Global Ecological Crisis. A response which works to help direction-change is the TSL (Terra Structured Land). A terraced Open Space Frame land platform development, the TSL makes reality 30% land use of the current land usage which thus saves us 70% of the currently used land. It is not a building... and it provides qualities much like natural land, i.e. it supports all things that are on it, owns a characteristic of openness, and allows for the natural elements like sunlight and breeze to be therewith. This TSL structure also creates architectural contributions to space... giving it an advantage to existing practices, artery units into Merchant Row Space is an example. We spend how many millions of dollars to construct city blocks that realize a lack of growth and economic development. This posited question is even more significant in under developed nations. Innovative planning that gives better infrastructure aspectually also provides afforded integration with Modular Systems (Solar Panels, Wind Powered Generators, Alternative Energy Sources, Recycling Wastes, Grey Water Systems, Waist Removal, & Lighting). Moreover it accommodates Farms, Hillside value Residences with yards (additionally, it accommodates Light Industrial manufacturing, Commercial, Institutional, Educational, Medical, Entertainment and Recreation Use (i.e. Jazz Clubs - Stadiums), and Eclectic Facilities). This new know-how gives the developer the ability to build with any Nation 's construction practices and is built with readily available materials that are conveniently transportable. The framing members are also assembled without difficulty. Its equity also includes value in utilizing less well-trained manpower in many areas of its development and additionally, contributes to job increase potentials in the fields of Deconstruction, Land Conversion, TSL Maintenance, Converted Land Care, and tangentially, in innovative Vertical Mass Transit Systems, Private Vertical Vehicles, and Sunlight Guidance Systems. Furthermore, innovation in Space Framing Panels for new spaces also adds to potential job increases. For more information, and we have a booklet we can give you, please contact us. Also, please visit us at I thank you for your time.

Hirotomo Nii

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